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When companies and products are racing to be in the store’s top shelves and tap into the potential of 260 million Indonesian market through conventional distributor methods, we choose to see things and approach things differently. Understanding that different generation requires different approach, Continuous Improvement is the lifestyle that keeps us running in the most relevant way to the season.

Based on the mission to provide the right and good services to our customers, stake holders, and employees, we hold Excellence and Integrity as our values in delivering our services. This is us; we believe that sales and distribution should be the by-product of proper and right brand communication and education the right target market.


Company with Global standard to deliver goodness in the Godly and right way


  • To provide the right and good service to customers in the most excellent way
  • To continuously improve internally
  • To bring impact and benefits to stakeholders of the company


  • Excellence in delivery
  • Integrity in conduct
  • continuous improvement as a lifestyle


Started his professional career in 2000, right after graduated with Engineering degree in USA and through processes in life had found himself as an Entrepreneur who find his joy in building peoples' life through business and ventures. An avid coffee drinker and father of 4.

The fun, loud and creative mind behind the company. Started from the ground and gradually climb the ladder to the top leadership at TMC. Leading the youngsters (millenials) at one of the most vital part at TMC.

One of the initial starting team at TMC, enduring all the good, bad and ugly processes of the company. A loyal and always ready to learn spirit has brought her into the leadership position of TMC. Mother of two beautiful daughters.

The one with the longest position name and with one of the biggest responsibility in TMC, making sure that the company always have enough fuel to run. Leading most of the back end departments at TMC to ensure the right process and system application in the company.

Joined at TMC with tons of experience in baby industry from her past career. One of the strongest and most caring woman in the company “A Mother” to the sales and operation team which has the biggest number of people at TMC. Her passion and determination to develop the business is proven by increasing number of her team.